Tuesday, 1 September 2009

How to display Dynamic Content without Property control

Recently I was investigating EPiServer's Dynamic Content a bit. General impression is very positive, Dynamic Content is a great feature. From developer's point of view it's fairly easy to develop custom Dynamic Content, everything works like charm .... maybe beside one thing :)

Unfortunately, to display property's value with dynamic content replaced with our controls it's required to use EPiServer's control:

   1:  <EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MainBody" runat="server" />

Different approaches won't work.

   1:  <%= CurrentPage["MainBody"] %>
   2:  <%= CurrentPage.Property["MainBody"] %>
   3:  litMainBody.Text = CurrentPage.Property["MainBody"].ToWebString()

It is a considerable drawback as there are cases in which it's required to do something with property's value before displaying it:
  • For example you may want to alter all links by adding some extra parameters
  • When using Model-View-Presenter (flavor of MVC) you want to pass only pure data to the view.
It was worth spending some time to find a workaround. In the end, solution turned out to be not so convoluted, here is a control which takes a string and displays it replacing any dynamic content with corresponding controls.

   1:  public partial class DynamicContent : UserControlBase
   2:  {
   3:      public string StringToDisplay
   4:      {
   5:          set
   6:          {
   7:              var propertyControl = new PropertyLongStringControl
   8:                                        {
   9:                                            Page = Page,
  10:                                            PropertyData = new PropertyXhtmlString(value)
  11:                                        };
  12:              Controls.Add(propertyControl);
  13:          }
  14:      }
  15:  }

And the usage is really straightforward:

   1:  <unit:DynamicContent runat="server" id="dcMainBody" />
   3:  dcMainBody.StringToDisplay = CurrentPage.Property["MainBody"].ToWebString();

Before calling dcMainBody.StringToDisplay you can of course change property's value in any arbitrary way.

Hope it will save someone a bit of time :)

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Ted Nyberg said...

It seems we ran into these problems at almost the same time! :) I posted another workaround here.